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What is Cloud Accounting?

Cloud accounting is the evolution in accounting for entrepreneurs. Technology being an essential part of our everyday life it is with no doubt that we expect cloud accounting to be part of a successful business.

Chartist Associates have chosen Xero and has Certified Xero Advisors to support you in understanding, implementing and using Xero in order to grow your businesses. We have helped numerous clients move to Xero and we look forward to the rapid expansion of their company with this essential and useful accounting tool.

How can Xero help?

Xero is an online accounting software, and we believe that this revolutionizing tool is the way forward for accounting. However, in order to help you benefit from its full potential, we are here to provide the required support on a timely basis as if we were next door.

Our monthly accounting packages using Xero are flexible, and you get to choose what you really need from us; whether it’s only for daily Bank reconciliations, Bookkeeping, keeping debtors and creditors up to date or why not let us do the complete accounting work. Xero covers everything and even more interesting; our team is Xero Certified, which means we can provide support at any time.

Why would you switch to Xero?

  • With Xero you can stay up to date with your accounting information in real time
  • Access reports, bank balances, Trade debtors and many more anywhere at any time
  • Save time by automatically uploading your bank statements and allocate your transactions.
  • Keep a copy of all your invoices on the Cloud and never lose them.
  • Log details to ensure tracking of activities for each user
  • Chose access rights for each members of your team
  • Up-to-date reporting with quick links to all the original transactions.
  • Handle employee expenses easily
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